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                             Nordic Walking Nations Nordic Walking Poles The Best Walking Exercise For Weight Loss.

There are over 350 clinical studies showing the nordic walking poles promote cardiovascular health through health & fitness training to increase your metabolism, calorie burn and physical and mental energy, and has more health benefits than any other walking exercise in the world today. It burns up to 46 % more calories, incorporates 90% of all body muscles in one exercise. Lowers blood pressure and improves posture giving you more stability and balance. Nordic Walking reduces 26% stress off your hips and knees while providing you with a full body aerobic walking exercise in just thirty minutes, compared to 50 minutes of walking without poles which only involves 50-60 % of your body muscles. Nordic Walking is easy to learn, fun to do and you don't need special exercise wear or expensive club memberships.

                                                                                                    Walk Your Way To Better Health!

~ Nations Wounded Warriors Program ~

We will be donating walking poles from the proceeds of the sales from this sight to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Thank You for helping make this possible

Nordic Walking Nations ~ Nordic Walking Poles 3-Piece adjustable walking pole set offers value and accessories not included by other walking pole companies. Walking Poles: made of high grade aluminum (7075) which is 60% stronger. Pair of quick release Gloves: ergonomically designed to fit any hand. Travel Pole Tote: heavy duty travel and storage bag. Road Tips:  (2 sets) soft and durable rubber perfect for pavement, roads and sidewalks adding shock absorbency to hard surfaces Trail Tips: durable rubber tips placed over the carbide tips for less compact terrain on trails.

             Nordic Walking Nations

                        The Best Walking Exercise For Weight Loss