NordicWalking Nations Commitment and Mission, is to create a growing network of enthusiastic and dedicated Healthcare Providers and Health & Wellness Instructors. Working together to create a paradigm of change to improve the lives of their patients and clients.

History of the Nordic Walking Pole

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To educate, inspire, empower and support people to become accountable to themselves. This allows us to reach countless numbers of people in receiving the daily health benefits of Nordic Walking that will raise the fitness levels of our world of Nations

Since the early 20th-century various forms of walking with poles has been used by cross-country skiers to maintain physical fitness over the summer months. However, the development of fitness walking with the specially designed poles we see today is a much more recent occurance. In 1985 an American cross-country skier and coach named Tom Rutlin. Combined the fitness walking with a variation of his ski poles to invent what he called the Exerstrider.” A technique using strapless walking poles still in use by Urban Poling of Canada today. Then, in the spring of 1997. The Finnish sports institute and a ski pole combined their efforts to engineer a unique high-performance pole. They also developed the Nordic walking technique which delivers a maximum health and fitness benefit. Creating what is now Finland's most widely used form of fitness exercise, hence the name "Nordic walking." The rapid global rise and popularity of Nordic walking is incomparable to any other sport or activity. Being such a time-efficient, low-stress, social and challenging total body workout. That almost anyone can do it. Which explains why the Scandinavians and Europeans have taken to Nordic pole walking as their favorite activity. It's no surprise that Nordic Walking has now spread to every corner of the world. With an incredible growth and popularity in Canada and the USA.Nordic Walking Nations poles, when used with the correct Nordic walking technique developed is now recommended by the American Nordic Walking Association and will provide the participant with maximum health and fitness benefits.

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